Business Management Systems for Water Treatment Dealers

About WaterSoftWare

Providing dependable Business Management Solutions for the Water Treatment Industry


WaterSoftWare was established for water treatment dealerships by Mike McCarty, Mike Jacobs, and John York with a company called Commercial Business Systems.


As the leader in using office technology to automate and streamline the management of water treatment processes, WaterSoftWare provides business management systems for water treatment dealerships.


Since 1977, WaterSoftWare has embraced new technologies to develop and improve upon their products. Our company's dedicated and knowledgeable staff has unrivaled expertise in the day-to-day management issues of the industry.

Why Choose Us


For almost 40 years, WaterSoftWare has been providing business management solutions for the water treatment industry. With an average employee tenure of over twenty years, our developers are experts in the business nuances of typical water treatment dealerships.


Our relationships with hundreds of water treatment dealers give us an unrivaled level of expertise and insight into the day-to-day business management issues in this industry. We can provide a level of understanding and targeted solutions to your management and operational needs that no generic program can hope to match.


Our legacy of leveraging new technologies remains a primary goal at WaterSoftWare. We consistently evaluate and incorporate new capabilities into our systems so they may provide pragmatic solutions to the management and operation of your business.